Sunday, November 28, 2010

Motivation Matters

So today I was asked why I was planning on going on a diet prior to the end of the holiday season "You look good" said my greatly appreciated support team... my response, "I know I look good, I want to feel good!" *smiles* okay, okayyyy... I'm confident but on a serious note, I truely believe beauty comes in all different sizes, which is why I hardly ever notice when I put on to much weight until it is to late lol. However, while Beyonce is comfortable with openly admiting that she is a faithful consumer of Spanx. I myself havent made it this far yet. So, I have decided to undergo a serious of studies (most of which I have created on my own, seeing as to how I have tried just about everything under the sun) NO! it is not a diet because we all know diets dont work... its a "feel good" plan. I want to get in a dress and feel good, not tight, suffocated, or self consious while posing for holiday pictures. "Sounds like something personal" some of you may say BUT I challange YOU to start your own "feel good" plan. Blush believes we can all step it up a notch to obtain what we are looking for... So you ready?? Up for a challange?? What do you want to change in order to "feel good"?? I have some extremely motivating holiday dresses that might just fuel my engine!! My gift once I make it?? A well deserved splurge, I'm still undecided on if it will be a member of the "High Heel Society" or a simple "Shut Down Dress" Only time will tell dolls, but here's this weeks motivation...

Seen On Kat BGC Reunion Pt.2 (P.S. I Love Cat but this is NOT a $1,000.00 Dress)& Kim Kardashian

Another Brian Litchtenberg Dress (Its a Battle Between This One & The One Below For New Years)

Donna Mizzani One Shoulder Cut Out Found @ Singer 22 My Favorite Site For Celeb Looks

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