Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Chic

Pintucked blouse
$40 -

T shirt

TopShop linen blazer
$120 -

Cheap Monday acid wash jeans
$90 -

TopShop skinny leg jeans
$80 -

Sam Edelman peep toe pumps
$200 -

Sam Edelman peep toe pumps
$200 -

White heels
4.99 GBP -

Yves Saint Laurent canvas handbag
470 GBP -

Shoulder bag
175 GBP -

Gucci shade
190 GBP -


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Truely One In A Million...

BLUSH wants to wish a Happy Birthday to Ms. Alliyah Haughton, Gone But Never Forgotten <3

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fashion Addicts United... MEETING IN SESSION!!!

"Hi, everyone I'm Miss Material & I have been a Fashion Addict for what feels like my whole life" *Everyone"Hi Miss Material!"* "It started out when I was younger but I just couldn't quite figure out what this addiction was, I mean after all I was a girlll so I was supposed to like pretty things right?? Well, I guess it started spinning outta control when I began to LOVE  pretty things, all types of pretty things not one thing in particular, shoes, makeup, my grandmother's church hats and gloves, oh the list could go on and on. I loved Barbie... not because it was the absolute girliest thing ever, that drove my brother crazy, but because she had an endless supply clothes, shoes and accessories . Oh yeah that Bitch had everything & Ken didn't look like he was going anywhere any time either! Hmmph... Excuse me I often get sidetracked. Anywhoo, this is  part of the blog where I have decided to assure all of us "Fashion Addicts" that's everything will be okay, our problem is not as bad as we think it is and of course nothing makes having an issue better than having others that share the same obsession... With that being said I present to you our first fellow member of the F.A.U (Fashion Addicts United of course!) ....

Featured in Elle UK February 2011
Photography By: David Vasiljevic

When Chanel's boyfriend accused her of having over too many shoes, stating "You have at least 150 pairs" Chanel simply replied "It's not all shoes it heels and boots!" I mean come on what's not to love about this woman?!

Don't let the fancy schmancy name brands fool you Chanel barely knew the designers she was wearing during her interview with Luke Crisell, when asked who designed some of the pieces in her, what was referred to by Crisell as an "off -duty-model-in-winter-get-up" , Chanel responded by stating "It's not about the names, it's about the look, I just find something I like, add it to my closet then try to coordinate everything" Wise words Chanel, very wise words.... See fashion isn't about who made it, but how you wore it so get out there beauties, find your inspiration, grab a few pieces and create YOUR look...Need some help down the line??
 Don't worry that's why you have your handy dandy BFF "BLUSH Fashion Files"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kanye West’s “Monster” Video Leaked!!!

This is one leak would not want to fix. Talk about a video that went just as hard as the song!! Kanye really did it this time and with the perfect selection of artist to collaborate on what I now am referring to as a Masterpiece, I really feel it was well thought out and for once not only about Mr. West himself. The visual was astonishing! It honestly took my breath away… and uhmmm Nicki… No wait did you really want me to get to the Nikki part?? Okay, okay…excuse me while I rehydrate myself *sips a glass of water* There was TWO of her!!!! *shreeks* Yes, I know what you’re thinking “Hasn’t the world had enough with just one” But yeah uhmmm *side eye* NO! Nicki did an amazing job at showing both of her personas she often portrays in her music (Excluding Roman Zolanski, who I’m sure is in the corner of a boxing ring designed as a recording studio awaiting Lil’ Kim’s comeback… oh wait that happened already didn’t it… lmao #irrelevant) Enough Rambling… check out this #Flyshit!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Motivation Matters

So today I was asked why I was planning on going on a diet prior to the end of the holiday season "You look good" said my greatly appreciated support team... my response, "I know I look good, I want to feel good!" *smiles* okay, okayyyy... I'm confident but on a serious note, I truely believe beauty comes in all different sizes, which is why I hardly ever notice when I put on to much weight until it is to late lol. However, while Beyonce is comfortable with openly admiting that she is a faithful consumer of Spanx. I myself havent made it this far yet. So, I have decided to undergo a serious of studies (most of which I have created on my own, seeing as to how I have tried just about everything under the sun) NO! it is not a diet because we all know diets dont work... its a "feel good" plan. I want to get in a dress and feel good, not tight, suffocated, or self consious while posing for holiday pictures. "Sounds like something personal" some of you may say BUT I challange YOU to start your own "feel good" plan. Blush believes we can all step it up a notch to obtain what we are looking for... So you ready?? Up for a challange?? What do you want to change in order to "feel good"?? I have some extremely motivating holiday dresses that might just fuel my engine!! My gift once I make it?? A well deserved splurge, I'm still undecided on if it will be a member of the "High Heel Society" or a simple "Shut Down Dress" Only time will tell dolls, but here's this weeks motivation...

Seen On Kat BGC Reunion Pt.2 (P.S. I Love Cat but this is NOT a $1,000.00 Dress)& Kim Kardashian

Another Brian Litchtenberg Dress (Its a Battle Between This One & The One Below For New Years)

Donna Mizzani One Shoulder Cut Out Found @ Singer 22 My Favorite Site For Celeb Looks