Sunday, November 28, 2010

Motivation Matters

So today I was asked why I was planning on going on a diet prior to the end of the holiday season "You look good" said my greatly appreciated support team... my response, "I know I look good, I want to feel good!" *smiles* okay, okayyyy... I'm confident but on a serious note, I truely believe beauty comes in all different sizes, which is why I hardly ever notice when I put on to much weight until it is to late lol. However, while Beyonce is comfortable with openly admiting that she is a faithful consumer of Spanx. I myself havent made it this far yet. So, I have decided to undergo a serious of studies (most of which I have created on my own, seeing as to how I have tried just about everything under the sun) NO! it is not a diet because we all know diets dont work... its a "feel good" plan. I want to get in a dress and feel good, not tight, suffocated, or self consious while posing for holiday pictures. "Sounds like something personal" some of you may say BUT I challange YOU to start your own "feel good" plan. Blush believes we can all step it up a notch to obtain what we are looking for... So you ready?? Up for a challange?? What do you want to change in order to "feel good"?? I have some extremely motivating holiday dresses that might just fuel my engine!! My gift once I make it?? A well deserved splurge, I'm still undecided on if it will be a member of the "High Heel Society" or a simple "Shut Down Dress" Only time will tell dolls, but here's this weeks motivation...

Seen On Kat BGC Reunion Pt.2 (P.S. I Love Cat but this is NOT a $1,000.00 Dress)& Kim Kardashian

Another Brian Litchtenberg Dress (Its a Battle Between This One & The One Below For New Years)

Donna Mizzani One Shoulder Cut Out Found @ Singer 22 My Favorite Site For Celeb Looks

Friday, November 26, 2010

In Love With "The Blondes"


Listen, I know us brunettes have alot to say about blondes but now just might be the time to take it all back! I am here to put this over due battle to a "Fashionably Late" end...or shall we say begining. Bruenetts and Blonds are now allowed to live happily ever after. (Just uh, let me in their closet *side eye*) The Blondes have officially stolen my heart! Many designers touch my creative being in different ways but there has always been paticular peices I have seen that have completely taken my breath away. Causing me to go a actual D.I.Y binges, which conist of impulse shopping at fabric stores and rush delivery from some of my favorite online accessory sites. Anyway, back to the big picture... "THE BLONDS" (Phillipe & David Blonde that is) two of the most relied upon designers in the entertainment industry when it comes to super egdgy and major trendy pieces.  Can we say OH-EM-GEE I would live in the happiest world if my closet was filled with these masterpieces of creative genious! Ok enough already, dont just take it from me see for yourself...

Phillipe & David Blonde

                                              Be On The Lookout For D.I.Y

As Seen On Nicki Minaj @ Hot 97.7 Thanksgiving Day Concert 

You Havent Seen Enough Click Here For The Website

Friday, November 19, 2010

High Heel Society Presents...


Blush Has Put Together Our Hand Selected Absolute Favorite BARBIE Inspired Shoes In Honor of
P!NK Friday, Enjoy

Haus of Price
Get Yours Here !

Happy P!NK Friday!!


3 More Days Dollz... After a Wait That Seemed Like Forever Team Minaj Can Finally Stop Holding Our Breath on Monday!!

Drinks In The Air Ladies The Final Countdown Begins Today...

NiCKi To Release P!NK Friday Lipstick With MAC

So apparenty Ms. Minaj teamed with MAC to release "PINK Friday 4" a soft mixture between MAC Girl About Town (Amplified Creme) & her well known favorite product PINK NOUVEAU (Satin) . It's said to become available Friday the 26th. So when I heard this I immedidately assumed I'd have to take a long lunch break... However, I was immediately put to ease when I found it was just one click away, PINK Friday 4 is only available online, seeing how I sit behind a compuer all day this was excellent news to me! But wait! Dont go setting your reminders just yet...There is one more "Minor Detail" the lipstick will only be available online for 4 consecutive Fridays which means ...uhmmm yeh you might not want to put this off!! It's something like exclusive ladies!!   

I'm Mean Like Really She Stylin' On Em'....

Rihanna - What's My Name? ft. Drake

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Livin' La Vida Cheetah...

Animal print is in SO in like #Twitter in so catch up or get left behind...

Congrats Rhi-Rhi   in Stores NOW!

With shoes this hot your toes will never get cold...

Senso Wilma Cheetah Booties Back By Popular Demad Find Them @ Sole Struck

 YSL Leapord Platform Pump To Kill For....

Hair Did...

Nailz Did... <3

 Forever Fierce... With a Tint of  "BLUSH"

Friday, November 12, 2010

Be Happy To Repeat It..."Pretty Girl Rock" - Keri Hilson

Keri Takes Us On A Trip Through The Decades, As She Portrays Some of The Most Memorable African American Women in Music History... All Together I Give It An A++ For Fabulous Fashions, Excellent Delivery & The Ability To Show Respect For Those Who Paved The Path For Many Female Artists Today....


Click Above To Watch Video on VEVO

...LIMA L0VE < 3

With The Victoria's Secret Annual Fashion Show (airs November 30, 2010 on CBS.) Being On Everyone's Mind Right Now, It Only Seemed Right To Present My "'Ode To Adriana"...

I couldn't have selected a better angel to step out in Victoria Secret's Fantasy Bra designed by celebrity jeweler Damiani for Victoria’s Secret. Now ladies get this...this is NOT your average push up so don't be upset if Santa leaves just this under your tree this year. For the "small price" of  $2M The 2010 Bombshell Fantasy Bra comes with over 3000 brilliant cut white diamonds, and contains oval topazes in 18 Karat White Gold... YES! This Bra Is Definitely SDW (Shut Down Worthy) Imagine sitting in front of your vanity applying makeup in a silk robe with this work of art underneath... *Signs Loudly* In a Picture Perfect World Dolls... In A Picture Perfect World....

"I Don't Mind Living In A Man's World As Long As I Can Be A Woman In It"- Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, November 7, 2010

#BLUSH Here To Empower Your Inner Fashionista

What do you get when you mix:
2 Parts Determination
1-1/4 Part Fabulousness
Spritz A Little Diva
& A Squeeze of  PiNK...

After realizing that not everyone knows how to unleash their internal desire to "Be All That They Can Be" 1 Girl decided to make it her "Business" To Change The World... (Literally) One Fashion Victim at a Time. BLUSH is not just about beauty, although nothing is better than looking in a mirror and feeling untouchable... Confidence fuels the world so why not take part in the transformation?! Give Us A Try... Once We're Done With You, You'll Have No Choice But To BLUSH ;-*