Friday, November 26, 2010

In Love With "The Blondes"


Listen, I know us brunettes have alot to say about blondes but now just might be the time to take it all back! I am here to put this over due battle to a "Fashionably Late" end...or shall we say begining. Bruenetts and Blonds are now allowed to live happily ever after. (Just uh, let me in their closet *side eye*) The Blondes have officially stolen my heart! Many designers touch my creative being in different ways but there has always been paticular peices I have seen that have completely taken my breath away. Causing me to go a actual D.I.Y binges, which conist of impulse shopping at fabric stores and rush delivery from some of my favorite online accessory sites. Anyway, back to the big picture... "THE BLONDS" (Phillipe & David Blonde that is) two of the most relied upon designers in the entertainment industry when it comes to super egdgy and major trendy pieces.  Can we say OH-EM-GEE I would live in the happiest world if my closet was filled with these masterpieces of creative genious! Ok enough already, dont just take it from me see for yourself...

Phillipe & David Blonde

                                              Be On The Lookout For D.I.Y

As Seen On Nicki Minaj @ Hot 97.7 Thanksgiving Day Concert 

You Havent Seen Enough Click Here For The Website

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