Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy P!NK Friday!!


3 More Days Dollz... After a Wait That Seemed Like Forever Team Minaj Can Finally Stop Holding Our Breath on Monday!!

Drinks In The Air Ladies The Final Countdown Begins Today...

NiCKi To Release P!NK Friday Lipstick With MAC

So apparenty Ms. Minaj teamed with MAC to release "PINK Friday 4" a soft mixture between MAC Girl About Town (Amplified Creme) & her well known favorite product PINK NOUVEAU (Satin) . It's said to become available Friday the 26th. So when I heard this I immedidately assumed I'd have to take a long lunch break... However, I was immediately put to ease when I found it was just one click away, PINK Friday 4 is only available online, seeing how I sit behind a compuer all day this was excellent news to me! But wait! Dont go setting your reminders just yet...There is one more "Minor Detail" the lipstick will only be available online for 4 consecutive Fridays which means ...uhmmm yeh you might not want to put this off!! It's something like exclusive ladies!!   

I'm Mean Like Really She Stylin' On Em'....

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